Cake Pans

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Cake Pan Logo Decoratives

Borrow a cake pan from the library to bake a cake for a special event, a holiday or just for fun. Decorating instructions are included. Click here for more ideas. The pans may be borrowed for one week, and renewed twice. The late fine is 25 cents per day. Borrowed pans must be returned inside the library, not placed in the outside bookdrop because they get dented and bent.

Please thoroughly hand-wash and dry the pans before and after use. Dishwasher use damages the metal.

Additionally, we have a large collection of cookie cutters that may be borrowed.


Our collection could use a few more cake pans!

Listed below are pans we do not own, but people wish we did.

Please consider donating your used cake pans to the library.

-Popover Pan


-Rectangular (Any Size)

-Square (8"x8")


-Dump Truck